I led end-to-end design for the Clutterfree app, the website, and design system for this prominent online platform dedicated to promoting minimalist living.
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Lead Product Designer

+ User Experience
+ Visual Design
+ User testing
+ Design system
+ Prototyping


+ Myself
+ 2 Mobile Engineers
+ 1 Web Engineer

(Case Study)

Transforming Minimalism: From Uncluttered Course to Personalized App - Creating Community-Driven Decluttering Journey

Becoming Minimalist is a prominent online platform dedicated to promoting minimalist living. Their Uncluttered Course has gained immense popularity, attracting individuals eager to declutter their lives.

The challenge was to develop a mobile app that seamlessly integrated the Uncluttered Course's principles, resources, and plans while enabling users to apply these concepts to their individual homes.


Revolutionizing Decluttering: Empowering Users with Personalized Plans, Uncluttered Course Integration, and Inspirational Support

Provide a user-friendly tool that would inspire and guide users through their decluttering journey while creating a sense of community and connection.

  1. Design a Personalized Decluttering Tool: Develop an intuitive app allowing users to virtually set up rooms in their homes, receive tailored decluttering plans, and access a wealth of tips, tricks, and resources.
  2. Integrate Uncluttered Course Content: Seamlessly incorporate the core teachings, resources, and plans from the Uncluttered Course into the app.
  3. Empower and Inspire Users: Create an environment that motivates users to declutter, offering inspiration, support, and a sense of accomplishment.


  1. Concept Exploration: Clutterfree began with an exploration of various app concepts. Ideas ranged from interactive room visualization, progress tracking, personalized plans, to a social community where users could share their decluttering journeys.
  2. Testing with Uncluttered Course Subscribers: Prototypes were developed and tested with existing Uncluttered Course subscribers. Feedback sessions helped identify preferred features, usability concerns, and potential improvements.
  3. User Research: Clutterfree conducted comprehensive user research to comprehend the challenges, motivations, and aspirations of individuals seeking a minimalist lifestyle. This research informed the app's features and design decisions.
  4. Focused Direction: Insights from user testing and research led to a clear direction: an app allowing users to virtually map their homes, receive tailored decluttering plans, access resources, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.
  5. Design and Development: The chosen direction was translated into a sleek and user-friendly design. Development efforts focused on creating an intuitive interface, interactive room setup, personalized plans, and smooth integration of the Uncluttered Course content.
  6. Launch Strategy: A strategic pre-launch campaign, including a landing page, was executed to generate anticipation and gather early sign-ups. This provided valuable insights into user interest and ensured a strong initial user base.

Clutterfree App: Inspiring Minimalist Transformation and Community Engagement for Becoming Minimalist

The result was the successful launch of the Clutterfree mobile app. Users could virtually set up their rooms, receive personalized decluttering plans, and access Uncluttered Course content seamlessly. The app also fostered a sense of community, enabling users to share achievements and seek guidance from peers.

The pre-launch landing page campaign generated substantial interest, leading to tens of thousands of pre-launch sign-ups. Upon the app's release, its intuitive design, personalized approach, and integration of community features contributed to rapid adoption.

Key Takeaways:

  1. User-Centric Iteration: Regular user testing and research ensured that the app met the needs and expectations of the target audience.
  2. Seamless Integration: By integrating the Uncluttered Course content, the app added value for both existing subscribers and newcomers.
  3. Visualizing Progress: The app's virtual room setup and personalized plans allowed users to visualize and track their decluttering journey effectively.
  4. Community Building: Enabling users to connect and support each other enhanced engagement and long-term app usage.

The Clutterfree app's launch not only enhanced the user experience for Becoming Minimalist's audience but also attracted a significant number of new subscribers. It provided a valuable tool for individuals looking to declutter their lives while fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

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