From 0 to 1, alongside the cofounder, I drove the vision, designed the branding, website, app, and collaborated with users for this app designed to foster stronger relationships.
(My Role)
Lead Product Designer

+ User Experience
+ Visual Design
+ Branding
+ User testing
+ Design system
+ Prototyping


+ Myself
+ Product Manager
+ 2 Mobile Engineers
+ 1 Web Engineer

(Case Study)

Fostering Connection: Crafting a Mobile App to Enhance Relationship Communication and Intimacy

Create a mobile app that would address the common communication issues couples face and help them strengthen their relationships. The Ditto founder recognized that many couples struggle to maintain effective communication over time, leading to misunderstandings, conflicts, and emotional distance. The vision was to create a platform that would provide couples with practical exercises and resources to improve their communication and ultimately foster intimacy and connection.


Empowering Relationships: Ditto App's Holistic Approach - From Branding to UX/UI, Product Strategy, and User Testing

Our primary goal was to develop a mobile app that would become a go-to resource for couples seeking to enhance their communication and deepen their relationships. This included:

  • Designing a user-friendly interface that accommodates users from different age groups and backgrounds.
  • Creating a brand identity that resonates with couples and conveys trust, empathy, and growth.
  • Developing a product strategy that offers a variety of exercises, tools, and activities for daily and weekly engagement.
  • Testing the app's effectiveness through collaboration with professional counselors and real couples from diverse backgrounds.


1. Brand Direction:

  • Researched the target audience, including age groups, relationship stages, and communication challenges.
  • Developed a brand identity that combined warmth, modernity, and a sense of togetherness.
  • Created a brand name "Ditto," symbolizing unity and shared experiences.
  • Designed a logo with interlocking elements representing two individuals coming together.

2. UX/UI Direction:

  • Created wireframes and prototypes for the app's user journey.
  • Focused on intuitive navigation, clear task flows, and interactive elements.
  • Incorporated calming color palettes and soft tones to evoke positive emotions.
  • Assembled a design system to house all of the apps components.
  • Designed a chat-like interface for exercises, ensuring familiarity and ease of use.

3. Product Strategy:

  • Developed a content strategy with a mix of daily quick challenges and in-depth weekly exercises.
  • Created a variety of communication exercises, ranging from icebreakers to reflective journaling.
  • Included multimedia elements such as audio guides, video discussions, and shared activities.
  • Integrated a progress tracker to highlight achievements and encourage consistent use.

4. User Research and Testing:

  • Conducted interviews and surveys with couples to understand their communication pain points and preferences.
  • Collaborated with relationship counselors to validate the effectiveness of exercises.
  • Organized beta testing with a diverse group of couples to gather feedback on usability and impact.

Ditto App: Transforming Relationships Through Thoughtful Design and Effective Communication Strategies

After months of diligent work, the result was a comprehensive Ditto App that exceeded expectations:

  • A captivating landing page showcasing the app's features, benefits, and user testimonials.
  • The Ditto mobile app, available on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Tens of thousands of new subscribers within the first month of launch.
  • Positive feedback from users, highlighting improved communication, stronger emotional connections, and overall relationship growth.


Through careful consideration of brand identity, user experience, and product strategy, we were able to create a platform that not only resonated with our target audience but also significantly impacted their lives. The positive outcomes and user feedback solidified Ditto App as a valuable resource for couples seeking to improve their relationships through effective communication.

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