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A revamped submission strategy slashes support tickets by 24% and boosts premium sign-ups by 16%
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United Masters Distro
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Streamlining Success: Slashing submission rejections, support tickets and empowering artists to distribute music with confidence

To address the high volume of support tickets stemming from artists' and producers' submission rejections, we initiated a comprehensive overhaul of the UnitedMasters Distribution tools.

Here's how we approached the problem:


Enhance the artist experience with streamlined submissions, automated metadata and educational empowerment toward higher premium sign-ups

Streamlining Submission Processes:

Leveraging insights from UnitedMasters' Dolby Mastering services, we simplified the submission workflow on both mobile and web platforms. The objective was to create a user-friendly interface that facilitates easier navigation and submission for artists.

Enhancing Metadata Accuracy:

Recognizing that incorrect metadata significantly contributed to submission rejections, we introduced an automated metadata verification feature. This preemptive measure educates users on the importance of metadata, ensuring their submissions are complete and correct before finalizing.

Educational Content Integration:

We embedded educational content within the submission process, informed by UnitedMasters' distribution tips, to guide artists on best practices and common pitfalls, reducing the likelihood of rejections.

Automating the Review Process:

Utilizing Synchtank's technology, we automated parts of the music review process. This not only accelerated the approval times but also freed up support staff to focus on complex queries.

Empowering Artists with Control:

In alignment with UnitedMasters' philosophy of giving artists creative control, the redesign emphasized transparency and control throughout the submission process, thereby increasing artist trust and satisfaction.

BONUS: Increased Premium Sign-ups

The enhancement of the distribution flow for artists and producers also included strategic upsell prompts, leading to a 16% increase in premium sign-ups.


Distro flow redesign cuts support tickets by 24%, boosts efficiency, service quality and premium sign-ups

The addition of strategic upsell prompts, lead to a 16% increase in premium sign-ups. The redesign of the flow for artists as well as backend for the support team led to a 24% reduction in support tickets, an indicator of a more intuitive and informative submission process. It also empowered our support team to handle complex issues more efficiently, elevating the overall quality of service.

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