United Masters Wallet

I helped design an app with a 4.8 star rating from over 32,000 app store reviews. Increased adoption rate of 25% through the design of the Artist Wallet, additionally giving artists the ability to receive instant payouts, all contributing to the platform's growth and positive impact on the music industry.
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Lead Product Designer

+ User Experience
+ Visual Design
+ User testing
+ Design system
+ Prototyping


+Head of Design
+1 Product Designer
+2 Mobile Engineers
+2 Web Engineers

United Masters Wallet
(Case Study)

Address Artists' Struggles with Streaming Income Management, Enhancing Transparency and Accessibility

UnitedMasters, a platform that empowers independent artists to distribute and monetize their music across various streaming platforms, identified a crucial problem: artists struggled to efficiently access and manage their streaming income. The existing process lacked transparency, accessibility, and real-time insight into financial records, resulting in artists feeling disconnected from their earnings and struggling to make informed decisions about their music careers.


Streamline Income Access and Data Insights

The goal was to design and implement a solution that would enable artists to seamlessly access their streaming income, view comprehensive streaming data, identify top-performing platforms, and maintain access to financial records. This would not only address the immediate pain points but also align with UnitedMasters' broader mission of empowering artists to take control of their music careers.

  1. Concept Generation: To tackle the problem, a variety of concepts were explored, including:
  2. Real-time Dashboard: Developing a user-friendly dashboard that displayed streaming data, income trends, and top-performing platforms in real-time.
  3. Integrated Financial Records: Implementing a secure storage space within the platform for artists to access their financial records, contracts, and payment history.
  4. Instant Payouts: Introducing a feature that allowed artists to receive instant payouts directly through the app, reducing the waiting time for income.
  5. User Research and Testing: The concepts were tested with a diverse group of artists already using the UnitedMasters platform. The artists were interviewed and asked to interact with prototypes of the proposed features. Valuable insights were gained about their pain points, preferences, and expectations.
  6. Iterative Design: Based on user feedback, the concepts were refined iteratively. The design aimed to be intuitive, accessible, and aligned with the artists' workflow.
  7. Development and Implementation: The selected features were developed with a focus on user experience, security, and real-time data synchronization. The real-time dashboard was designed to be responsive across both the app and web platforms.
  8. Education and Onboarding: Recognizing that change can be intimidating, an onboarding process was created to educate artists about the new features and how to navigate them effectively.

Enhanced Wallet Features Drive Adoption and Empower Independent Artists

  1. Increased Adoption: The introduction of the UnitedMasters Artist Wallet, with its enhanced features, led to a significant increase in adoption of 25%. Artists appreciated the newfound transparency and control over their earnings.
  2. Empowered Artists: Artists could now log into the platform and instantly access their streaming data, track income trends, and understand which platforms were performing the best. This information empowered them to make informed decisions about their promotional strategies.
  3. Streamlined Finances: The integrated financial records section simplified the process of accessing payment history, contracts, and tax-related documents. Artists no longer had to sift through emails or external sources to gather financial information.
  4. Instant Payouts: The instant payout feature was particularly well-received. Artists could request payouts on-demand, ensuring they had timely access to their earnings to invest back into their music careers.

The UnitedMasters Artist Wallet addressed the initial problem of artists struggling to access and manage their streaming income. By narrowing down the concept through user research, iterative design, and user testing, We not only improved the platform's user experience but also aligned with its core mission of empowering independent artists. The success of the Artist Wallet was reflected in the increased adoption rate of 25% and the ability for artists to receive instant payouts, all contributing to the platform's growth and positive impact on the music industry.

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