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Clint McManaman

A New Decade, A New Blog

2019 is ending and I'm looking backward at the decade past then forward to the new and realizing how much I've missed this practice of a personal site to play around with design, words, video, whatever.

So, In the last week of 2019 I launched this blog, motivated to carve out my own spot to write and share whatever comes to mind.

But Clint, isn't that what Twitter and Insta are for? 

Yes, yes they are, but this little digital patch of land is mine. I can shape it however I like. It is devoid of the algorithms, ads and bleh, "influencers". While I'll still visit those social networks from time to time, I'm very much looking forward to building on to this place on my own terms and am eager to see how it evolves.

If nothing else, for the sake of creativity.

What You'll Find Here

What you'll find in this first iteration is this stream of blogs which I'm challenging myself to post here once a week to develop a habit of writing. The sidebar will house a stream of "bits" (notes, photos, videos, links, etc) and my daily Strenuous Life updates (more on that in a future blog post).

Cheers to the new year!

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