Your unique POV builds connections
September 7, 2023

Your unique POV builds connections

As an indie musician, I learned to infuse my personal passion and perspective to form genuine connections with listeners, a lesson that carries into my approach to product design today.

Before I was a designer I was a drummer in a band with some of my closest friends. Our songs embodied our unique point of view, which allowed us to form genuine connections with listeners. This same lesson carries through to my approach to product design today.

By bringing your whole self into the design process, you are able to create experiences that resonate on a deeper level with users. When I pour my aesthetic tastes, emotions, and life experiences into my work, it shows through in the end product. That personal touch is what elevates good design into great design.

For example, Releasing our music taught me the power of democratizing access. By filtering product design challenges through this empathetic perspective, I design products to be intuitive and user-friendly for the widest audience.

My pathway from graphic design to product design also shaped my sensibilities about visual presentation and branding. By blending my personal design style with robust user research, I can develop products that are highly functional yet aesthetically engaging.

At the core, product design is about understanding human needs and creating meaningful solutions. By leading with your unique point of view, you create that vital emotional connection with users. Your own feelings become their feelings, your vision shapes their experience.

So don't be afraid to embrace your passions and perspectives. Your personal blend of skills and insights are what enable you to build exceptional products. Lead from the heart as well as the head to unlock your full creative potential.

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